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How do you tell you if you are involved in a “Kingdom” work or an “Organizational” work when it concerns the Gospel, or more specifically, when it comes to church and/or cross cultural work?

Here are some insights from one of my favorite practicioners, David Watson:

Following are some filter questions I use to determine if I am involved in Kingdom work instead of organizational work.

  • Is the work founded on Scripture-only or is it doctrine-based?
  • Is the work obedience-based, insight-based, or knowledge-based?  (Obedience-based and knowledge-based are probably familiar terms.  Insight-based is about discovering all the nuances of Scripture, but may not lead to obedience if insight is the goal.  Most expositors and commentators are insight-based.)
  • Does the work relate to the whole body of Christ?
  • Does the work put the whole body of Christ ahead of our own personal or organizational interests?
  • Does the work touch and benefit others not related to our organization?
  • Does the work help others without expectation of return?
  • Does the work take the Gospel to the masses (all demographics)?
  • Does the work get to evangelism and church planting through disciple-making, and is disciple-making a primary focus?
  • Can the work move to others from the beginning point of the work?
  • Is the work founded on natural leaders?
  • Do methodologies focus on multiplying new units – Disciples, Bible Studies, Churches?
  • Do methodologies focus on expanding to new neighborhoods, cities, nations, people groups?
  • Do we plan to reach our city/nation/people group for Christ (focus on lostness), or do we want to grow our church/denomination (focus on ourselves)?
  • Does the work put a high priority on reaching the lost regardless of other activities?
  • Does the work endeavor to transform communities?

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