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Held Back From Cross Cultural Missions

You see the need.  You are stirred.  You hear the call.  You begin to prepare. But what can keep you from your cross cultural mission? Here are a few things I had to personally overcome. As you read this, be encouraged to walk free and move toward the burning desire...

Kingdom or Organizational?

How do you tell you if you are involved in a “Kingdom” work or an “Organizational” work when it concerns the Gospel, or more specifically, when it comes to church and/or cross cultural work? Here are some insights from one of my favorite...

Missions Adrift

With our generation being bombarded by so much slick marketing and social media driven causes, it seems as if we may be drifting away from the core of what missions is. Missions is losing its moorings, its definition, and is adrift. Matthew 28:18-20 is the core of...

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