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I wanted to share a little project that I recently completed.


It is a little booklet called “Invitation to the Kingdom.”

Here in Southeast Asia, small pieces of literature can still be effectively used to present an intro the the Good News who may never otherwise have a chance to hear.

A recent study said that over 60% of Thai people who came to Christ were influenced in their decision by a small piece of literature; not TV, radio, or books, but small pieces of easy to understand literature.

These booklets are not trashed like they are many times in the Western world.  People hold on to them and pass them around to friends and family.  They put them on their shelves and end up pulling them out in times of crisis when they are looking for answers.

In the Western world people say things like “We’ve heard it all before,” and that’s true!  But there are still those, especially in Thailand, who have never heard it ONCE!  (There goes that spoiled analogy again).

In regards to the actual message, I say it’s an “intro” to the Good News because I am not looking for it to accomplish a whole lot more than that.  It comes from the paradigm of being invited into God’s royal family as a son or daughter or the Kingdom and inheriting all things.

This project arose from a burden I have to see every Thai person have an opportunity to hear the message and let it begin to stir inside of them.  I envision what was once void, now being filled with thoughts of Jesus, heaven, and the real potential of salvation.

Here in Thailand, I watch daily as I pass construction workers sweating it out for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, and I think to myself, “how will they hear?  who will go to them”?  I hear the same thing for countless other faces I see each day like cooks, tuk tuk drivers, gardeners, street vendors, shop owners, etc.

The reality is they will NOT hear unless one goes to them. (Romans 10:13-15) Most are not darkening the door of any church or Christian meeting. I am preparing to go.  Somehow, some way in God’s timing.

My web site is prepared…  The articles have been written and translated.  The burden is there and now the literature is complete.  I am praying for a small team and in the right time, we will begin.

I have been hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit prompting me in this type of work.  “A sower went OUT to sow some seed” (Luke 8:5, Mark 4:3)…is what I heard.  Also, “he who goes OUT weeping carrying seed shall doubtless return carrying sheeves.” (Psalm 126:6)

Friends, this is a promise!  Other times I have heard, “Many are expecting a harvest but they have not sown any seeds.”  There were so many other Scriptures and examples too.  Some of you may be thinking of some others right now! But the main theme is “Get Out”!

When I began to look for a seed to sow, I knew the best way would be from “mouth to ear” where we share in person with folks, face to face.  But I also wanted to have something to put into their hands, especially for those who didn’t have time to chat.  I also wanted to have some ways for interested people to get back in touch with us.  Hence the web site and a dedicated cell phone number that will be listed on the back.

I was drawn again to my favorite scripture Matt 24:14,

“This Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world as a testimony to all peoples and then the end will come.”

The “Good News” is the good news of “the Kingdom.”  Because Thailand is a Kingdom with a real life King, this began to make more sense to me too.  I think that the people will be able to grasp this even though the ideas presented are very new and probably even very strange to their ears.

More than anything I personally began to see that the Gospel message is not merely about heaven and hell and how to go to one and stay away from the other; it is about the Kingdom, about adoption, and about the eternal inheritance given in and through King Jesus!

Lights began to go off inside of me and I began to write, as the great Richard Baxter once said, “as a dying man to dying men”; but also with a sensitivity to the Thai culture and religious mindset.

My goal was not to lay out the “Romans Road” plan of salvation or quote a million scriptures, but to paint a picture.  I think my message has done that.  It is different than most anything I have seen in the Thai language.

As I was working on it I even had a dream about a symbol that I thought would go on the front of the message.  As I worked with some friends to design it, it finally came to life.

The symbol I envisioned represented the Biblical reality of the scripture found in Rev 11: 15

“And the seventh angel sounded; and there were great voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of his Christ; and he shall reign for ever and ever.”

So, this is my heart.  And my goal is to cast the message  of the Kingdom as far and as wide as possible in whatever way the Holy Spirit leads.  Once we find new seedlings, we will go to them and nurture them by feeding them the Word of God. Eventually, the goal would be to consolidate them into the family of God and help them find their own mission and place in God.

I am still needing to finalize the edits of the message and format it for printing.  I do not have the resources to make my first printing yet, but I am trusting that the right benefactors will come along to join us in this work in the right time. (Update: Everything came together and the tract was published and is being used!)

I ask all of our friends to pray for this project and others like it.  Pray for us to have a heart of love and compassion as we go. Pray that we would speak boldly as we ought to and that the Holy Spirit would be with us to confirm the word with signs following the message.

I don’t see very many people, even in missions work, going TO the people anymore.  We need a fresh boldness and a clear vision from the heart of God for those who are without Christ and without hope in the world, even as missionaries!

This is the most exciting time to be alive in history.  There is so much potential for all of us to use every available resource to make a huge eternal impact as well as use creativity to fashion new tools for a new day.  I believe as we move forward in faith, God can mold us and direct us where we need it.

We just need to “Get Out”!

To support our work in Thailand, click here then send us a message through Facebook or Twitter to let us know what you did.  God bless you!

(Kwamrak means “Love” in Thai)

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