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If you are reading this blog then you know how much media has changed and exploded in growth over even the last ten years.  It is truly a phenomenon and has changed the way we receive and process information, even as Pastors and cross cultural workers.

If we are not careful, we can think that the only thing that matters in this world today is what’s coming across our media streams.  We can begin to think that life is really all about what comes across the latest Facebook status or Twitter update.

Don’t get me wrong, I love social media.  I use it daily to stay in contact with people, events, and news from all over the world from half way across the world.  It definitely has benefits for us personally and for the Gospel.  But today I want to bring a different perspective and add something to your daily thinking that may not ever come across your mobile device.  I want to give you another context from which to view your life, your faith, and the decisions you make.

I believe the reality is that those who are doing some of the most extraordinary things for God on the planet in this generation will never have their story told to the world.

I have met some of these men.  They are leading movements of hundreds, sometimes thousands of churches, but are rarely spoken of by anyone outside of their circles of influence.  Others plow faithfully with only a few dozen followers in some of the roughest spiritual climates on earth.  Out of these leaders and churches come a huge amount of sacrificial work for the Gospel.  

Some of their labors extend back, many times for decades, even multiple generations.  Some are first generation believers.  Like their missions forefathers, they were faithful in the beginning when there was little to no fruit and the times were tough.

Most of them aren’t familiar with facebook or twitter.  Some have never really used a computer or don’t have any use for it.  Most of them barely have a cell phone, if they have one at all.  They are not privy to the latest trends in Christendom.  In fact, they are unapolegetically and completely dependent on the Holy Spirit to grow their work and ministries.  You won’t read about their work in any magazine or hear from them on any popular conference circuit.  They are mostly unfashionable and kind of boring with their sole focus on the Gospel and their lack of strong sustained interest in sports, video games, and pop culture.  Sure, they may dabble with these type of things, but their hearts are not captivated by them. Honestly, some of them have no use for any of these sorts of these things at all.

I believe we have alot to learn from them.  The core of who they are is, I believe, the core of what every believer should be focused on; unapolegetically and unashamedly for Jesus and the Gospel, whether by life or by death.  They have learned to keep the main thing the main thing. Their heart yearns for the day when Jesus will rule and reign as King over this world.  But in the meantime, they are about their Father’s business.

Jonathan Dodson of the Resurgence helps us make a good application of their example.  Speaking of these type of men, he writes:

Their work is born many times out of great persecution, an outpouring of the Spirit, and faithful prayer.  I suggest we focus on… emulating their faithful, prayerful, gospel labors.

You will probably never meet them this side of heaven.  But you will surely hear their stories in eternity.

They are some of the front page stories of Heaven.

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