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Facebook membership has been soaring in Thailand and is currently up over 4 million people.  Other social networking sites like Hi5 are very popular as well with ages 14-35 and number in the millions as well.  Most college students are using their own laptops and are accessing the net on a regular basis.

With this in mind, we have completed  our newly redesigned Thai site for seekers.  It is called

Kwamrak is the phonetic spelling for “Love” in the Thai language.  We are using the site to introduce the Thai people to the love of God and share the message of He demonstrated His love by sending Jesus Christ to save them from the power of sin and death.

This has been an exciting project for us as we have felt encouraged to prepare for a new wave of online presence in Thailand.  I have been working on the concept for awhile now and teaching myself as I go.

As we have been moving forward, we have found that there are not many Christian sites for seekers out there, if any at all!  But more and more Thais are logging on to the internet than ever before.

The Thai government has recently announced plans to expand broadband coverage throughout the country and make it affordable for ALL Thais. This creates a great opportunity!  According to The Nation, a local Bangkok newspaper,

“The prime minister has given importance to the project, as it will help improve the country’s competitiveness and bridge the digital divide and reduce the gap in the information access of Thais.”

We are looking forward to the future as well and looking to reach Thais online with our new online magazine.  Many of the articles will be in both Thai and English.  We will also be adding relevant media that captures the attention of people who come to the site and teaches them the truth about God.

We will also use the site as a feedback loop for all of our outreaches so that people who receive literature from us on outreaches so that they will be able to contact us again, ask questions, and request a meeting.  Our hope is to use this new media to get expose a new generation to the Gospel message and eventually to make disciples of those who believe.

In the future, we hope to be able to even provide free sub sites from Kwamrak for Thai pastors who are interested in having their own blogs/websites.


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