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Below are my take aways from Day three and the last day of the Fires of Revival of Conference in Bangkok led by Randy Clark.

  • The Great Awakening in America had its critics who even called it the “Great Clamor”, or great noise, but history vindicated it as a genuine move of God that did more to build the church in America than any other time before it.
  • Jonathan Edwards wrote in “Religious Affections” that you cannot tell whether something is of God through manifestations.  They could be of God, from the devil, or of the flesh; but its the fruit of the revival that tells your where it’s from.
  • All revivals in history have had common characteristics and at least one new things that offends people. Gave many examples throughout history.
  • One of the biggest Baptist revivals was the “Shantung Revival” of China and it was accompanied by unique manifestations and signs.
  • History proves we most usually miss it when it comes to judging revival.
  • I Cor 12- the gifts of the Spirit are mostly for those who are outside of the church.  The power of God is power to be witnesses unto the uttermost ends of the earth.
  • To think of the revival as a party only grieves God’s heart.
  • Many times people throw a party before you go to war.  If you only hear about party but not about the war, you will misjudge revival.
  • The purpose of revival was summed up in a song that came forth from revival, “Let your glory fall in this room, let it go forth from here to the nations…”
  • Revival is judged not by the numbers of people who get saved but how many people get saved through the people who get saved.
  • In the last 100 years, more people have been saved and had a “pentecostal or charismatic experience” with the Holy Spirit more than those saved throughout all 500 years of the whole Protestant movement put together.
  • In 200 years of Protestantism, all of the Protestants of the world has sent about 100 missionaries.  During the Moravian revival, a group of about 300 people sent 100 missionaries within 25 years.  This is the evidence of the Spirit at work.
  • If you lose missionary evangelism, you lose the fire.
  • You can’t keep the fire and not go.
  • 2 Cor 4:13 is the secret of the miraculous realm.  Whatever we hear from God and declare it, it happens.
  • 2 Cor 1:18-20 All the promises are Yes!
  • Believe in your spirit even when your brain can’t.
  • While we argue whether the gifts are for today, the enemy is rising in power.
  • The Last Days will see an increase of the supernatural, both ungodly and Godly.  But the devil’s power will be eclipsed by the power of God through His people.
  • Moses’ snake ate the snakes of the magicians of Pharaoh.  God’s power through his servants is greater!
  • We believe in a glorious Church before Jesus returns.  Reread the parables of the Kingdom found in the Gospels.
  • The greatest church will be the church of the last days because we go from glory to glory not from glory to demise.

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