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Here are my take aways from day two of the Revival Fire Bangkok conference.

  • Genesis 28:10-17 is arguably the most important dream in the Bible.
  • Jesus fulfilled this verse and brought a new relationship where heaven could come to Earth. John 1:46-51
  • We are the Body of Christ-the place where angels are ascending and descending now.
  • Don’t confuse the possibilities of God with the ways of God.  There is a difference between what God CAN do and His ways.
  • Example of William Carey.  People told him that God didn’t need him to go to India to save the Indian people, but God still chose to use him and send him.  It was his way to open India.  Lord said, “I don’t need angels just like I don’t need William Careys, but I chose to use them.”
  • If Jesus needed to be ministered to by angels then who am I?    Paul, Peter, Philip & John all were assisted by angels.
  • Two different girls who were healed of dyslexia each had separate visions of angels coming and “rewiring” their heads.
  • God chose angels to be helpers for us. Hebrews 1:14.  The Holy Spirit is our Helper too.  Both work together.
  • “You don’t have to command friends.” when a friend was asked if humans could command angels.
  • Angelic activity often takes place when healing/impartation happens.
  • Don’t exalt the messenger, worship God.  Rev 19:10
  • You don’t worship the postman who brings you a $10,000 check.  You thank the person who wrote the check!
  • Don’t camp at the cross.  The cross is a doorway to a whole new realm of life.
  • We have reduced the great victory of Jesus to being forgiven and going to heaven.  Our faith doesn’t just prepare us for death, but for Life!
  • We receive the Co-mission when we are in submission to His mission.
  • Revival is based on a revelation of God’s power which is the revelation that God is good and His mercy endures forever.
  • Luke 4:18,19 When Jesus quoted this, he left out the part about judgement for now.  Our focus must also not be on judgement but of grace, mercy, and goodness of God through the manifestation of signs and wonders.
  • We need a baptism of both power and the Father’s love-not just talk about it but demonstrate it.
  • Pastors-Ordination should be a powerful sending experience with words of prophecy, believing God to anoint them with special gifts and words that confirm what God has already placed in that person’s heart.
  • Heidi Baker took 12 men with no education, power, money, or education but gave them impartation and prophecy by the Spirit of God and they are shaking the nation of Mozambique and beyond.
  • Fan into flame the gift of God that is in you through the laying on of hands. 2 Tim 1:6, Deut 34:8, Ex 17:11
  • Don’t turn your “Charis”-mata into Works-mata.  If you think you earned it, you won’t be thankful for it. “grace”
  • 4 Kinds of Faith: Mark 9:22-27, Mark 1:40, Luke 5:25-34, & Mark 10:46-52
  • Three lies from the enemy when you are coming to God: -You are too good. -You are not good enough. -Now is not the right time.

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