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Just a “few” take-aways for you from the first day sessions at the Revival Fire conference at Jaisamorn Church in Bangkok led by Randy Clark.  During these meetings there were many practical demonstrations of what was being taught as God healed many Thai people.

  • -Acts 19- The greatest revival ever recorded in the Bible was in Asia among the most “demonized”  where sexuality and religion came together in the cults of the goddess Diana or Aphrodite.
  • Powerful Personal Experience with God plus a Sense of Destiny and Calling = a Historymaker.
  • When you have a powerful experience with God and are convinced of your destiny; hardships, persecution, and offense will not stop you.  You will have perservering grace and commitment.
  • The test of a manifestation of the Spirit in a person’s life is what happens with them after they are touched by God.  Are they more passionate for Jesus than they were before?
  • There are two main kinds of manifestations: one is the conflict between two kingdoms inside of a person who God is setting free and the other is God restoring those who have been exhausted, burnt out, and or wounded.
  • To have a sense of destiny without impartation will result in certain burnout.
  • Since around the 13th century with the advent of Summa Theologica we have substituted a knowledge of the truth for experience of the truth.
  • Knowing in our head does not equal the Bible kind of knowing.
  • Healing is becoming normal for the church.  If people don’t get healed, I get shocked.  I totally expect healings today.
  • Our tendency has been to create a model without the sacrifice that person made to get what they got.
  • Our ceiling should be the floor of the next generation, but I don’t think you can enter into it without your own tempering through tribulation & persecution.
  • Legalism is a killer of revival.
  • Small groups (cells) are healthy as long as they continue to be evangelistic.  When visitors quit coming so do the gifts of the Spirit.
  • Of the 9 gifts of the Spirit listed in the Bible, 8 are for those primarily outside of the church.
  • If you already know everything about everyone in your group, how will there be words of knowledge?
  • The work of Pastors/Leaders is not to “Hatch, Match, & Dispatch.”  It is more like the work of a drill sargeant taking new recruits and turning them into a core of soldiers.
  • Pastors-“Don’t wait on the Saints, equip them”!
  • Gifts are the Spirit are not bad, but the handling of them can be bad.  Humble yourself when you know you need more training.
  • “The best thing that happened to the Church in China was when the government kicked out all of the missionaries, put all pastors in prison, and left the believers with only the Bible.  When the people had nothing but the Word and the Holy spirit they experienced the gifts of the Holy Spirit.” Quoting missionary Dennis Balcombe
  • We are in revival when our brains can’t understand all that are spirits are leaping about.
  • The Kingdom of God is more than forgiveness of sin.
  • How can God “confirm” the message preached if there is no risk from proclaiming that God still heals today?
  • Matt 28:18-20-  How do we know when we have obeyed this scripture?  When we have healed the sick.  Teach them all that I have commanded YOU-  What did he command them? Matthew 10:8 is one of many.
  • Basis of Healing: Covenant-Ex 32:10, Atonement at the cross-Isa 53:4-5, The Kingdom of God (many refs)
  • We don’t command God, but don’t ask God for something he told you to do. Luke 10:9
  • Peter is the example of a “teflon Christian,” he doesn’t let the glory stick to himself. Acts 3:11-12
  • There is a mystery to healing.  Luke 5:17.  “The power of the Lord was present for healing” Also 2 Tim 4:20
  • More people get healed…when more people pray….more.
  • Kingdom is Salvation, Healing, and Deliverance because Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Luke 6:17-19

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