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Do you agree that how we see the world determines how we make our choices in life?

Ever wonder what some of the major differences of worldview and reality there are between the teachings of Jesus the Christ and Gautauma the Enlightened?

Here is a simple list that I pulled together from my own observation and study living in the land of Theravada Buddhism. There are some good things we can glean from the Buddha but when his teaching is insufficient, we must yield to the one true Lord and Savior, the one who is risen from the dead and lives eternally in a place of no suffering, sorrow, or pain-the Lord Jesus the Messiah.

CHRIST FOLLOWER                                                           BUDDHIST

Believes in God as Creator                                   Believes in cause & effect, nature

God is Supreme Being                                           Buddha, not God, but only teacher

God is unchanging                                                Nothing is permanent

Concerned w/eternal salvation                         Concerned w/suffering elimination

Depends upon God for salvation                       Depends on self & self effort

The souls is immortal                                           There is no soul

Self Dependence is spiritual pride                     Complete self dependence is striven for

Sin & rebellion is our root problem                   Ignorance is our root problem

Humans must surrender to our Creator           There is no one to answer to, just karma

Rebirth for Christian is joyous                           Rebirth for Buddhist is indicative of failure

Grace given by God through faith                      Good deeds hopefully outweigh bad ones

Teaches sacrificial love “agape”                         Love causes suffering/ we should dettach

Suffering of Christ for us                                       If Christ suffered, it was bad karma

Our soul goes to be with Christ                           Samsara, (re-incarna.) is result of Karma

One Hell for those who reject God                     Many levels of Hell for different sins

One Heaven for Those in Christ                         Heaven is not the goal, non-existence is.

Only one life in a fallen world                             Countless lives mostly in suffering

Next life depends on true faith in Jesus            Next life depends on deeds, good or bad

Spirit worship is forbidden                                   Spirit worship tolerated & integrated

Ancestors can be honored & respected             Ancestor worship is tolerated

Good deeds should be practical help                 Good deeds are mainly for self-merit

Eternal life is forever with God & saints           Goal is for complete non-existence

Complete assurance in work of Christ              No assurance whatsoever – never know

Peace of Christ is everlasting                               Temp. Peace gained through meditation

Suffering ends at Revelation 21                           Reborn countless times into suffering

Would you add anything else?

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