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This is a portion of a word that was given at Jaisamarn Church of Bangkok on 24 Aug 2008 by Chuck Pierce.

Here is the Word that the Lord has been speaking to me over and over for Thailand. He has spoken to me clearly all year. He has said, “The Nation that I have chosen that it is now time for CHANGE is THAILAND.”

“The Spirit of God says Thailand is going to be baptized with fire. HE has said to me that this is your defining time. The leaders of the movement of God in this region are ready to advance into their next anointing. A new generation is rising filled with passion and fire. There from this night forward, the Spirit of God will start circling this Nation. HIS Fire and Passion will come alive in such a way in this Nation that the Fire began to burn in this Nation.

And He has said to me “You will be known as the Nation of Fire!!”

This Nation is now being released under the Fire of God. That means a new passion of the Lord will overtake this ENTIRE NATION…

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