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Bangkok New Year

AW Tozer writes,

In one sense a new year begins whenever we decide it shall. The various peoples of the world have not been in full agreement about their year’s end and its new beginning, but we can start a new year whenever we purpose to rearrance our lives morally and invite Christ to become our Lord and Savior.  At that moment we become new creatures-“a new name is written down in glory” and our new year begins.  That moral rearrangement we call repentance, and the act of making a new creature we call regeneration. The soul that has experienced such a wonderous transformation is likely to place more emphasis on that new start than he or she does on our official
New Year’s Day.”

By the grace of God, we have the ability to start fresh anytime we are willing to turn from our own ways and turn to God.  2010 is the time for us to climb down from the thrones of our own lives and let God take His rightful place.

If we come to truly know Him, we will trust Him.   If we trust Him, then we will be willing to “lose our lives” for Him.  By “losing” we will gain more than we could ever imagine.  Heaven becomes more real than Earth, and everything we do on Earth we do with its glory in our view.

The glory of Heaven is none other than Jesus Christ Himself.  Now is the time to know Him and cling to Him.  Your New Year is waiting.

In the near future, I hope to come back with a story or two more from India then I will be making an effort to begin blogging more regularly again.  Shorter and more frequent will be my resolution!  Join the conversation.  What would you like to hear more about?

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