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We have finally transitioned into our new home and have wi-fi…woo hoo!  It only took about a month.

Alot of my time has been spent making this new house a home for my wife and boys and I feel like I have accomplished that goal… (three pats on the back for me) I can honestly say that even though our new place is not like our former home, there is much more peace here.  After four moves in seven months, I am glad to just finally be done with all of the lifting, painting, purchasing, cleaning, and organizing.

I am taking it all in stride though.  Everything in this first year has been a lesson for me.  I can see the hand of God in all things these past few months, even in what seems to be like delays and distractions.  I am really learning alot about myself, trust, patience, perserverance, faith, and all of those other life lessons we might love to skip out on if possible.

What always keeps me pressing forward, besides the grace of God and my awesome family and friends, is the cool things that are happening in the lives of Thai people around us.  Here are a few recent things:

-New believers are being baptized,

-People are hearing the Gospel for the very first time…ever,

-University students from other nations are being saved,

-Prisoners are experiencing the freedom of Jesus,

-Doors of opportunity are opening in new villages,

-Wisdom for new outreaches is being received,

-Thai People are testifying of God doing miracles for them, and

-Underground believers in a restricted nation are being encouraged in practical ways.

So for these reasons and more, we continue to press on for the hope what is yet to come for this place.

What is it that has motivated you and driven you through the difficult times of transition in your own life?  I would love to hear…

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