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During this little gap between posts we; hosted a great short term missions team from Hawaii, purchased a white ’95 Nissan Sunny, traveled to speak at Thai churches and groups, had a home robbery where we lost a good chunk of our tech stuff (sniff sniff), was asked to move out of our new rental home because of conflict over a “spirit house”, received guests at our home, traveled to a city a few hours south for outreach and reunion with four other families, nearly twenty kids, and two single alumni from our Bible School.  Lastly, I just returned from a week in the country of Laos meeting new contacts, serving with my friend Freddy, and learning about the work happening there.

A few days ago, my oldest son (6) has started second grade homeschool and after only a couple of months of Thai lessons is already reading three syllable words in Thai script and has all of the alphabet and vowels memorized.  (We are so jealous!) Our other son Aslan is growing up seemingly oblivious to all that is going on around him for the most part.  He has started greeting Thai people with the traditional Thai greeting, the “wai”, which is palms places together touching just under the nose.  He will even tell them “Wadeekhap”, which means hello,…when he feels like it.

Before coming to Thailand, many seasoned people told us that it would take awhile for us to transition here, but I never wanted to believe it.  Other have told us that their first year of missions life was the hardest and that they wouldn’t want to relive it again!  Although their words have proven to be true in some respects, we continue to work through all of the highs and lows of this season of life and ministry with a focused diligence and the grace that only God can give.  He is teaching us so much as a family and we are working to embrace all of the lessons that we are learning together.

We have been blessed to have great friends here locally, both Thai and foreigner, to encourage us in our journey.  It has been a joy to partner with them in order to accomplish things together that could not have happened if they were done alone.  These partnerships in the Gospel make life here so much more sweeter.  I believe that the Father is pleased to see “brothers dwelling together in unity.”  We have also been encouraged by our friends who lift us up in prayer on a regular basis.  By their help we bust through all kinds of spiritual barriers and escape many pitfalls where we could easily fall prey.

So, now that we are a little more caught up, I will try to get back on the blogging habit and fill you in on my recent trip to that country just north of Thailand.  We saw and learned so much, so I look forward to sharing with you in my next few posts. Stay tuned.

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