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The Miracles of Love Festival crew is back in Sweden and America now.  They did an outstanding job and worked hard the whole time they were in Khon Kaen.  The hit the ground running and didn’t let the jet lag, weird food, extreme heat, and long hard days stop them. Each day the teams split up into about five groups and did outreaches at least two times a day all over the city and campus.  Each evening they hosted the Festival outreach and spent time with the friends they had met earlier that day.  Many Thai people hard the Gospel for the first time and many were healed, saved, and baptized in the Holy Spirit. Johannes Amritzer and his team did a great job communicating the Gospel each night with passion, creativity, and power

The SOS Asia team worked tirelessly preparing and facilitating all of the details for this to take place.  These guys are the unsung heroes.  They planned everything that came with facilitating over 150-200 volunteers being in a foreign country and all of the groundwork for the publicity, the outreaches, the Pastor’s conference, and everything else down to the tiniest details. Time and space would not allow me to tell of all they have done, but God knows and I know thats all they care about too.  As you can tell, I am very impressed with them and we are glad to be a part of the work they are doing.  

While we are staying in the Hughes’s home we have the blessing of employing their helper, Gaan, until they return to Thailand.  She has been a Christian for three years now and has a church that meets in here home out in the village.  She has been telling me of all the great things that have happened to her friends who attended the meetings and how some of them were healed.  One had bad knee pain for three months and it was gone, another had kidney stones and went to the doctor for a checkup…gone, another received healing in their eye.  She was very excited that people she had been praying for from her village attended.  So, if she is a slice of some of the things that have happened through the Festival then I am encouraged that there are many other stories out there that we may not ever hear about, but lives have been changed because ordinary people choose to give up their time, treasure, and talent to serve the people of Thailand.

Since we have been in Thailand so much has been going through my mind lately and I’ve just been trying to take it all in and process it.  God is also doing so many things in me personally.  Writing about it to early doesn’t seem to do it justice, so I just sit on it for a little while longer and hope it distills down into something intelligible and somewhat profitable to others.  Until then I can keep reporting and sharing what I can with the hopes that you will grow in faith to see people around you brought into the Kingdom of God and develop and greater burden to pray for people like the Thai/Isaan people.

Thanks to those of you who prayed for this outreach here in Khon Kaen.  I count you as much a part of the team as the person who flew here and walked the streets.  God bless you for your faithfulness.  If you didn’t have the opportunity, don’t feel bad.  You can start now.  There is still so much to be done!

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