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We have been in Thailand for just one week now.  Our travel was easy enough despite the snow we had on the ground when we left Charlotte, NC.  It was just looong, but we arrived safely and we are thankful.  Thankful for so many things…safety in the journey,thankful for the prayers and support of the people who have believed in us and helped us to get here, thankful for our leadership in the States, thankful for our new team and family here in Thailand, and thankful for my family who has adjusted so well so far.


We are currently staying in a small two bedroom 400 sq. ft apartment.  It is adequate for what we need now and next month we will move into the Hughes home while they return to the United States for furlough.  Once they come back, we will hopefully have found our own rental home and will be able to settle down completely.  All of us are at peace with how things are going and we are thankful for those who are praying for us to make a smooth transition.

Our biggest goal right now is finding a Thai language teacher.  We have ordered training modules from OMF here in Thailand and will be using them to begin learning Thai language.  We have a couple of promising candidates and hope to settle on one teacher soon.  Please keep this in prayer if you are one who prays!

We have already been able to attend meetings in the villages and have found a new church on the college campus where we can not only minister, but be ministered to.  The church is named Khon Kaen Harvest center and is an international group of Swedish, American, Thai, Chinese, and Australians.  We will be able to plug into one of many outreaches that they do on a regular basis.  The leaders, Per and Marielle, have two boy our sons age so Brayden and Aslan already have new friends, and so do we.  We have also spent time with Thai Pastors, Charin and Waen, and Nikhom and Lat, and will connect with them on outreaches that they are a part of.  Last night we had a time of team prayer and worship and talked about presenting to Jesus “the fruit of the impossible.”  This weekend we will have an outdoor baptism service in one of the villages and will travel to Buriram province to accompany Bill as he preaches at a lively church there.  Can’t wait!

I am also almost finished with our new web site where people can find out more about what we do, where we do it, and who we do it with.  It looks good if I must say so myself , especially considering I was the one who designed it…from scratch!  I hope to have it up and published to the web soon using my domain name,  For now, we have pics and a couple of short videos up at

I was given a motor scooter to use the other day and have been venturing out on the main highway and into the city to get my bearings.  It can be an exciting and scary experience all at the same time.  I was white knuckled the first time I took off on it, but on day two I was like an old pro!  I even went for lunch today all by myself.  I sound like a little kid don’t I?  Well, when you transition to a whole new culture and way of life, you feel like a big baby!  I feel so helpless and intimidated some times until the Holy Spirit rises up in me and pulls me out beyond my comfort zones!  Then I learn that I really can do it…through Him!

So, thanks for praying for us and giving monthly to help us live and minister here in Thailand.  The best is yet to come!

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