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This month is my 2 year blogging anniversary.  That’s right, two full years!

Some people may be reading this for the first time and thinking, “what is a blog anyway”?  Is it a web site….is it a diary…is it a forum?  Well, it’s kind of a little bit of everything.

Blog actually short for “web log” and it is a chronological listing of posts that also has the function of creating conversations online.  Many blogs take on a certain subject and stick with it…for instance…politics, entertainment, sports etc.

This blog has been mostly about missions, my personal life and journey, and anything else that happens to be floating between my ears that day.  It’s not really professional or anything, but it has been a great tool to chronicle life events and thoughts over the last two years.

So, in honor of my anniversary, I thought I’d share my top 20 favorite past posts. 

From Beggar to Ambassador

Happy Life Apart From God

Finding Jesus In the Margins

The Wearing Out of the Saints

The Reality of Living in a Garbage Dump

20 Great Quotes on Risk Taking

Top Reasons Not to Be a Missionary

Honored by Men; Detestable to God

10 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Missionary

2008: The Year of Breakthrough and New Beginnings

A Tragic Fact and A Workable Solution

Traits of a Missionary

A “Wat” on Every Corner

Too Religious or Unreligious: A Checklist

Fighting the Dark Night of the Soul

We Sold our Home!

Reflections on Where I’ve Come From

10 Tips on Surviving and Thriving in the Local Church

Isan vs. Bangkok

The Power of One

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