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This is a diary post from 2009.

Thailand is now officially 30 days away …plus two.  We have a few things to do between now and then so I am always thankful to have an extra day…even two.  I have been thinking about all of our friends and family, the people we will leave behind, and I have become even more thankful for each one of them and the work that God is doing in their lives as individuals.

I have found that my personal prayer for them has increased over the last couple of weeks especially since so many feeling the crunch of an economic downturn.  I have been praying the promises of Psalm 91 and Mal 3 over them  and believing God to show Himself strong in their behalf.

I am also looking forward to meeting my new Thai family in Khon Kaen and being immersed in a whole new way of life.  Jacqueline and I often look at each other and remark about how we will have so much to learn, so many adjustments to make.  But we are looking forward to it.  We look forward to the lives that God will bring us in contact with and the opportunities we will have to share the story with them.

It won’t be long now before we will see them…in 30 days plus one.

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