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The Time Has Come. My Entry Into Missions

The time has come. I have waited for this moment in some form or fashion for the last 13 years. I was thinking back the other day to a time in 1996 when I was just coming to fully surrender my life to God. I had been confronted by the claims of Jesus Christ on my life...

Every Person Has A Story To Tell

  Over the last few months, as we have traveled through four states and two countries outside of the US, Jacq and I have come in contact with more people who are walking through difficult circumstances.  Some are deeply painful and others are just confusing as people...

30 Days Plus Two

This is a diary post from 2009. Thailand is now officially 30 days away …plus two.  We have a few things to do between now and then so I am always thankful to have an extra day…even two.  I have been thinking about all of our friends and family, the people...

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