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I’ve been reading a book called “Rees Howells Intercessor” by Norman Grubb over the past few days.  It’s about a Welsh coal miner who God used mightily around the beginning of last century.  In his life, he demonstrated what it means to be fully surrendered to the Spirit of God.  The lessons he teaches through his life stories are profound and sometimes shaking.

One illustration he used caught my attention.  He told of a Evan Hopkins that taught something called “The Three Positions” 

“The illustration Mr. Hopkins used was that of a shipwreck, when people are thrown into the sea.  In the struggling position they are in the water, fighting with the waves, and are in need of help themselves.   In the clinging position they are holding on to the boat; they are quite safe themselves, but cannot help anyone else, because both hands are occupied.  In the resting position they are sitting in the boat with both hands free to help others.”

Have you ever felt like you were thrown into the sea?  Has life seemed chaotic at times and you were crying out for help, for deliverance.  I can remember not too long ago feeling like I was the one holding on…white knuckled to the grace of God as I was pulled through a rough season of life. 

I like this illustration because it reminds me of the fact that there are seasons in life where we have all felt one of these ways or another.  The great news is that our God is in fact a deliver!  He delivers us and brings us to a place of rest in our lives which results in even a greater resting faith.  It’s hard to keep that in mind when you are in the open water or even gripping the side of the boat, but once you are delivered, you are able to help and deliver others because you were helped and delivered yourself.

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