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I was just sent this recent prophetic word concerning Thailand.  Weigh it as you would do anything like it, but I feel that it is a good word!  The part from Chuck Pierce about a new apostolic movement is very exciting.  This is what Bill Hughes, myself, and others in Thailand have been talking about and positioning for.  Also, the part about Thailand being a major sending nation is something I shared with someone just the other day.   Below is what I received just today:


(Cindy Jacobs) “God says to Thailand, I will change your reputation, and I’m going to stop the trafficking of human lives in that nation. And I am shaking it right now. Don’t be afraid of the shaking says the Lord, because I am in control of it. It will look like the enemy is at your door and would try to take over the nation. But at the very last hour, at the 11th hour I am going to move in a way in Thailand that is going to bring great amazement. There is going to be a people movement in that nation where hundreds of thousands will turn to Christ says God, and I am going to move with signs and wonders and miracles, and God says I am going to do what you cannot imagine over the nation of Thailand”.

(Chuck Pierce) “And the Lord would say this will be an apostolic movement that has never come to that region of the world. And you will begin to see great, great, great rearrangement occur in the church. No longer will the church look like it has looked in the past, for the moment it was announced, I came down and began to work in that land saith the Lord. And now the government will change, but now in the midst of that governmental change I will use you as a light with lanterns. I will give you 10 nations for a season, and you will be the sending nation of that region. And you will go in and what never could be grasped and what had to be removed from the dragon’s mouth and what couldn’t be removed from his mouth in the past, I say you will go in and you will put the fire of the dragon out and you will snatch the captives. I say the next 6 years are yours. Get ready, for Thailand is being sent this hour.”

(Cindy Jacobs) It’s interesting how God has led both Chuck and Mike and I into Thailand in recent times in a very strong way, and also Asia…there’s a young Asian army arising.

What an exciting time to be moving to Thailand as long term missionaries!!  Please be praying for the nation of Thailand, it’s precious people, and our ministry teams that are there.

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