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I’ve been listening to David Wilkerson of Time Square Church today.  He has been ministering for over 50 years and his church in Times Square represents over 100 nations.  He is, in my opinion, one of the most Godly men alive today.  He has warned of a coming economic crisis in America for decades.  He definately has the law of “EF Hutton” going on…you know…”when EF Hutton speaks people listen.”

Here is a recent message from him that really ministered to me today.  In addition to this, I ran across this quote that I want to share with you.  It really convicted me.  Conviction is not a bad word to me…it is God’s permission to change and set things right.  I have always thought to myself, especially when it comes to Biblical correction, if the shoe fits…wear it.
Pastor Wilkerson says,

I see many of the last Christians who were once lovers of God becoming shipwrecked by their obsessive love for pleasure. Lovers of God find no pleasure in drugs, illegitimate sex, alcohol, tobacco or smut. The devil knows that. Most of these fleshly pleasures offend and repulse the Christian. I see thousands of Christians sitting in theaters exposing themselves to degrading influences they once abhorred. They have not given themselves over to any particular sin but they have become very comfortable in their addiction to off-color movies, numerous parties, socials and wine-tasting. They really love God but they love their pleasures even more. They are not really sinners before God, just strangers to Him. They have become so busy swinging and trying to live a liberated Christian life that they have changed drastically without knowing what they have become. Christians have become social gadabouts who can’t find one hour any more to talk to God in a secret closet of prayer.

Excerpt from “The Vision and Beyond” David Wilkerson, page 49

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