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In just a couple of days, my family and I will be back on a plane headed to Louisiana.  We have had a rich time here in Mexico and have learned so much that I know we will carry with us for the rest of our careers as missionaries.  I would like to thank our home church, Freedom House, especially Pastors Troy and Penny Maxwell for making this trip happen for us.  Thank you to Victory World Church in Atlanta, Pastors Dennis and Colleen Rouse for having the vision for this type of training program and for all they do for world missions.  Thank you to Andrew and Tiffany Bucksot for the plodding that they have done over the last 13 years here in Mexico that has laid the foundation for a program like this.  Lastly, but most of all, thank you to Mike and Debra Turner who have left a large base project in Nicaragua in order to come and pour their lives and experience into us over these last 10 weeks.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank You! 

It has been said that people teach what they know, but they reproduce who they are.  We are thankful that a little bit of all of you is being reproduced in us.

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