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At the end of both services, there were many new decisions for Jesus and even more rededications.  Pastor Felipe was very pleased with the outcome of the day and was so grateful that we were able to bring our group to his church.  He has served the Lord for many years both in the mountains among the native tribes and in the city working with street children.  He has two sons my age who also pastor with him.

He and I spent time between each service talking about all of the great things God had done to make Centro Christiano Cuautla possible.  He had some great stories!  Since he knew that I would be going to Thailand to plant churches, he decided to give me a gift from his heart. 

From his shelf, he grabbed two unique rocks from the mountain where he had planted 200 cell groups/ “churches.”  He wanted me to remember him and to remember our connection in church planting.  I once again remembered that God is advancing His kingdom all over the world through people just like Pastor Felipe, unknown to man, but known to God!  What a blessing to be able to preach here. 

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