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As Christians, despite how we feel, we all have the same responsibility now: to pray for our new President.

Let me leave you with a few quotes to ponder:

Daniel 2:21 “And (God) changes the times and the seasons: he removes kings, and sets up kings:…”

1 Timothy 2:1,2 — Prayer and thanksgiving should be made for kings and all in authority.

One of the strongest forces a Christian has for the good of his country is the power of prayer. We should pray that government will not hinder our service to God, but that we may serve God in peace, however and wherever he calls us to serve Him.

I still believe that, though democracy is far from a perfect form of government, it is the better than any other alternatives of man. 

Congrats to Obama even though I don’t agree with alot of what he stands for.  He ran hard fought campaign and won a historic election. 

President Obama, you’ve got your work cut out for you when you take the reigns of power in January.  May God give you wisdom and sound, even Godly, counselors.  And lastly, may people not disrespect you in office in the ungodly ways they disrespected President Bush before you.

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