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My wife started a blog dedicated to people who are dedicated to praying for missionaries, specifically us!  But if you are wondering what missionaries may need prayer for, you should check out what she has compiled so far.  Very cool stuff and insightful. See the example below:


There is much to discourage and frustrate the missionary, such as: Language Disparity. This means that we cannot clearly communicate the message of God’s salvation until we have spent months or even years in language study. Customs and Culture. These are often different, and sometimes conflict with our Western ways of doing things. But we are guests in these countries and must learn to be careful not to offend by thoughtlessly ignoring things that are important to those we have come to reach with the gospel. Unfamiliar Food. These can be delicious or unpalatable. We have to subordinate our own tastes, and be prepared to eat what is offered, if friendly relationships are to be established. Climate. We who come from temperate zones often have problems adjusting to the tropics: enervating heat coupled with high humidity, typhoons and rainy season’s deluges. Lack of Privacy. Many people in other countries live much of their lives in public and expect the missionary to do the same. We must work out a balance. Lack of Results, when we expected to set the world on fire. There must be a constant “looking to Jesus.” Pray for the missionary to be graciously flexible and able in very practical ways to obey the injunction of Philippians 4:6 (worry about nothing, pray about everything).

Jacq writes, “Graciously flexiable.” Boy has God been speaking to me about that! Language may be one of our biggest challenges. Thai is one of the hardest to learn. It has a different alphabet with many more consonants and vowels than ours as well as five different tones. Please pray for supernatural understanding so we get get started in effectively preaching the gospel. How can we convince anyone to a new faith if we speak like a 2 year old in their language? If we want to see a “skyscraper” in Thailand, we must first dig the “basement” through language. It will be the foundation of everything we do. The climate also will be a big change. Thailand has 2 seasons; HOT and HOTTER. When we were visiting there last March, temperatures reached 104 degrees and was very humid. Air conditioners are typically reservered for bedrooms only.”

We are into our last week here at the training base in Mexico.  Looking forward to hitting the road and seeing some of our old friends again and making new ones too!

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