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Just ran across this article about a 13 year old girl in Somalia who was just recently stoned to death for “adultery.”  The reality is that she was raped by three grown men, but I assume that Islamic militants convinced the 1000 people who watched her execution that she brought it upon herself, thereby becoming an adulteress. 

Every time I read articles like this, and I have casually gathered many over the last two years, it solidifies my world view that that the “faith” involved here is a complete and utter manifestation of wickedness.  When it manifests throughout the world, it is violent to the core. 

It seems to me that if a country like Somalia claims Islam (it is 99.95% Muslim), then whatever comes out of that country would represent, at least in some small measure, the faith that it claims.  Somalia is known as the most “lawless country of the world.”  With horrible events like this happening, then it’s obvious to me that it continues to do itself, and the Islamic “religion”, no favors in the watching eyes of the world.

I leave those reading this with a quote from the book of James, “I will show you my faith by my deeds. You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that—and tremble.”

Read the full article HERE. and HERE.  I chose both Fox News and Aljazeera for Fair and Balanced Reporting, so I don’t have to hear from the Muslims who may dimiss this story as mere Western propaganda against Islam.

For All the Christians: Pray for Somalia that it would no longer be known as a pit of hell and the “most lawless country on Earth” as the Gospel of the Prince of Peace takes hold and prospers there.  Pray for the Christians that have been driven underground by this type of violence that they would shine as lights in this darkness as they hold out the Word of Life for the people of their country.

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