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As many of you faithful readers know, I will post links to certain stories from time to time that keep the needs of the world in the forefront of our minds.  The name of this blog is “Mission Minded”, so my goal is to create awareness, discussion, and action. 

In my own life, I find it very easy to get comfortable in my perception of life and insulate myself from the things that show the world for what it really is.  I believe that once our minds are awakened, we will find a way to act. 

The writer of this article I ran across says, ”

“What’s going on in the Congo is so extreme and so out of control,” she says, “that if we don’t intervene on behalf of women there, it will spread and something much more horrible will happen.  You cannot let something that inhuman go on.” FUll ARTICLE HERE

Pray for the women of the DRC and for God to raise up humble, broken, and compassionate workers among them to bring healing and life.  Pray for the young men of the country to rise against the tide of evil and begin a new generation of Godliness and holiness that will change the course of their nation.  With God, nothing is impossible.

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