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This is a diary post and reflection from 2008.

We all made it to Mexico and I love it so far.  Talking about missions with a team of mission hearted people is great andI’m definitely in my element.  Great things happening and it’s only day 2.

While on this journey, I’ve been soaking in John Piper’s landmark book “Let The Nations Be Glad.”  

I would have thought that this book influenced me to become a missionary if I had only read it before God called me!

It is both passionate and theological.  It has only been strengthening the things that I have been taught by God as I have sorted through my calling.  I definatley recommend it to all Christians, both those with a missions heart and those that don’t yet have one!

I also started reading “Bonding and the Missionary Task” by Thomas and Elizabeth Brewster.  This book is a must for any career minded missionary.  The concepts are simple yet they have a profound influence on how a missionary relates to his new found culture.

My first favorite quote is,

“A Missionary is one who goes into the world to give people an opportunity to belong to God’s family.  He goes because, he himself, is a belonger in this most meaningful of relationships.  His life should proclaim:

I belong to Jesus Who has given me a new kind of life.  By my becoming a belonger here with you, God is inviting you through me to belong to Him.”

This week my family and I are moving in with a Mexican family and attending language study for 5 hours a day.  They do not know English and will only speak Spanish to us.  This will be our first chance to see “cultural bonding” in action and we are actually excited about what’s in store!

If you want to read a great play by play of chaos and God’s grace in traveling here to Mexico, check out my wife’s blog HERE.

Look forward to updating you all again when we can!

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