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What?  You are going to Louisiana when there’s a hurricane coming?  Are you stretching the limits of God’s grace?   
This is what some of my friends were probably thinking as we made our way to my home state as Gustav made his way toward land.  But I felt the peace of God as we traveled into Louisiana and knew that we would be protected.  My faith in God, not presumption on his grace, led me on to continue our journey into the state.
I grew up in Louisiana.  My family and I have been through alot of storms.  We know where to go, we know what to do.  We know when we should evacuate and when we can ride it out. 

My grandmother lives in a cinder block home in the middle of land that doesn’t flood with no large trees around.  They had already been blown down by past hurricanes!  I’m guessing many people had visions of Katrina when they thought about us, but we are no where near the levees that broke during that horrible time three years ago.  I knew that the timing of everything with us coming here was in God’s hands.  Besides, we are missionaries.  We run to the “storm”, not away from it. 

This storm turned out to be more than anyone thought for Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.  Trees were down everywhere.  Rivers crested and flooded.  High winds toppled sheet metal roofs and mobile homes.  The lack of power and availability of fuel, left many people harrassed and panicked.  Yet through it all, we were prepared, protected and had the peace of God.

Healing Place, The Sunday before Gustav hit. Pastor Dino preaches on Psalm 23.

Jacq, Mom, Bray, and my niece Chloe at HPC.

Construction underway on the Healing Place Arena. If you live in Southeast Louisiana, you have to check this church out.

Waiting for the storm...

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