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I just received this update from veteran missionary Rick Zachary:

“The violence is coordinated and vicious. 300 Villages have been attacked, over 4,000 homes destroyed, over 50,000 people displaced, more than12,000 in government refugee camps and over 1,000 more in private camps. Five people are still missing and 45 confirmed dead. If this were a natural disaster such as a tsunami or earthquake, the international press would publish front page reports. The Persecution of India continues to be ignored.

One of the radical Hindu leaders was quoted as saying, Christianity was birthed and flourished with the death of Jesus Christ but now it will die in India.”  Read the Full Story Here.

An early church Father Tertullian once said “the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.”

Let’s pray for our precious brothers and sisters in India that they will stay strong in the Lord Jesus, that the world will take notice of their plight and be outraged, and that God will turn this horrible situation into something that only furthers His kingdom in and around all of India.


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