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We had a great turn out for our first ever “Global Purposes” Fellowship at Freedom House Church.

It was great to see the seed of missions being planted and watered in people’s hearts as we spoke about the unreached peoples of the world.

I showed a great video from the USCWM (US Center for World Mission) that really got us thinking.

We were able to give a sneak peak into an upcoming mission trip to New Orleans this fall to continue the work that is left to be done down there after Katrina.  This is near and dear to my heart as Louisiana is my home state.  We actually have a small contingency from Louisiana here at Freedom House!

We have one more GPF meeting this Wed at 7:30 then I take off for Louisiana to visit friends and family before the family and I take off again for Mexico.

Tonight is  our volunteer dinner for FHC at Ohler’s BBQ in Charlotte.  Looking forward to some good food and a great time with all of the people who make it happen every week at Freedom House!

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