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I found this saved from awhile back and thought I’d share it with you:


Ten future missionaries heard God’s call divine; One was married wrongly, that left only nine.

Nine future missionaries – they could hardly wait; Mother needed one, though, that left only eight.

Eight future missionaries bound for God and Heaven; One got to making money, that left only seven.

Seven future missionaries – if only each on sticks; One lost out completely, that left only six.

Six future missionaries for the Lord alive; One preferred the homeland, that left only five.

Five future missionaries wait an open door; One grew tired of waiting, that left only four.

Four future missionaries bound for eternity; One no longer willing, that left only three.

Three future missionaries – for the need, how few! One the board rejected, that left only two.

Two future missionaries, a daughter and a son; One developed ulcers, that left only one.

One future missionary – thank the Lord for him; He refused to ever let the vision dim.
 Body, soul, and spirit he to God did yield; Now for years he’s labored on the foreign field.
faithfully proclaiming God’s own Holy Word.
Folks have been converted, tribes have sought the Lord.

God in Heaven rejoices, “Blessed child of Mine, You have done My will – but what about the nine?”

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