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I just received this message from the team in Thailand about our friends John and Sandy Lovorn.  Please pray!:

“Hey guys,
I am writing to you to get you to pray for our friends, the Lovorns. Today John and his two boys, Lake and Gabe, got into a motorcycle accident. It is already miraculous, because neither of his boys, though both without helmets, were hurt! THANK YOU WONDERFUL JESUS! John did fracture his wrist an the hospital is saying that he will need surgery. They need extra support so please pray. Our God is Almighty. This situation is already miraculous! We just need the other half!”

Please Pray for the Lovorns.  They hope to return to America soon.  The journey back to America from Thailand with three children can be tough but now throw in Dad’s broken wrist and you can imagine what that could be like!  Hopefully, John will recover quickly and we will be able to see the family again soon.  Grace to them!

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