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*Please read all the way through:  As some of you who follow my blog have known, our friends the Lovorns have been having some rough days lately in Thailand.  John recently had a motorcycle wreck in which his two young boys were involved.  Thankfully everyone is ok, but John has had to undergo surgery on his wrist on the eve of their homecoming to the States for furlough.  Here is a recent update that we received from Sandy:

“John is doing very well. We arrived at the hospital for surgery at 2:00pm, he was out of surgery by 6:00pm. It went a lot longer than we expected, but the surgery itself went well. He is in minor pain, only taking tylenol and advil. We did spend one night at the hospital, which if you are curious, was an excellent, beautiful, clean place. I was amazed at their professionality and excellence. The nurses were so well organized and handled everything better than I expected.  We are home now and trying to get back to normal life. It is going to take a while, as John will have to wear his makeshift cast for four weeks and will be unable to fully use that hand/arm for 6 months. But, Praise the Lord, we are all healthy and feeling better.  We have been truly blessed by our friends and co-laborers in Christ, Ben and Susan Hoar (along with their children). They have served us in every way imaginable, and have made this problem easier to face. Our children had a safe and familiar place to stay during the hospital visits/surgery. I praise the Lord for them all!  Yesterday, after we had all been settled here at home, their was yet another problem. Ben went to the swim park to pick up his wife and all of our children and theirs. Someone had stolen Susan and Margaret’s purses at the park. Everyone knows the hassles that go along with this, just imagine being in a foreign country. We are all just fed up with these attacks. It seems we have been under this for a while now. Please pray for us all! (I forgot to tell you all that after being at the hospital for 3 hours immediately following the accident, I go to get on my motorcycle, and had a flat! I had just had one 4 days prior on the same tire!!)”

Throughout these ordeals, I know that these two families have maintained a right heart and spirit.  They are definately worthy of our help and support.

Here is what I would like us to do.  I would like everyone who can help, even in a small way, to sow a gift to show our love and support for these families who are pressing forward through this difficult season.  You would not believe how a little bit given by alot of people will go a long way on the mission field and how much our gifts can be a boost to their ministries and morale. 

I am asking each one of you to give anything you can, but just give something.  Even if you don’t know these families, believe me, I have spent alot of time with them and they are worth helping.  The effort and love we all show will be a huge blessing!

**For the Lovorns, send your gift to: Fire in the Night Ministries Inc., PO Box 642- Milan, TN 38358

**For the Hoar family, send your gift to:  ISAAC, INC. 4960 Bentridge Drive- Concord, NC 28027

Let’s do this today!  You guys are awesome.  May our Father richly bless your life in return as you look not only to your own interests, but also the interests of others. (Phil 2:4)

*All gifts are tax-deductible.

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