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What?  You thought we were going to Thailand?  Well, the Lord spoke to us….and…..

just kidding!

Actually we are still moving forward with our plans to launch to Thailand after the first of the year, but we have missions orientation and training in Cuernavaca, Mexico from Sept 12-Nov 22.  More on this in just a moment.  But before we could go to the orientation/training we needed to sell our home.

In today’s market and with the number of homes out there, ours could have sat on the market for months, or even worse, before getting a serious buyer.  Even then, getting a QUALIFIED buyer is harder than it used to be, especially if they have little money down and credit bumps.  That being said, let me just brag on God!  He sold our home for our full asking price within about 2 weeks or less of us even slightly trying to put it on the market!  All we did was put a free ad on Craigslist and market our home as a zero down deal.  Our buyers signed a contract and loan papers today!

Since I work in the mortgage business, I have been seeing what challenges the majority of buyers face; less than perfect credit and little to no assets.  Therefore, God gave me the wisdom to market our home without a Realtor and instead, give our potential buyer their 3% down payment upfront in the form of a gift on an FHA loan.  My company is doing the loan and structured the deal so that our borrowers have no closing costs!

So on July 31st, this first time homebuyer couple will take the keys to our home with absolutely nothing out of their pocket.  Great deal for us and a great deal for them!  Understanding that “Wisdom is the principle (first) thing,” as well as positioning and timing, made this miracle deal work out in our favor.  Praise God, right?

Now back to Mexico.  Our church, Freedom House, is connected relationally to Victory World Church in Atlanta, GA.  They have a missions base in Mexico and have been wanting to train and prepare missionaries for cross cultural work.  They have chosen their former missions pastors, Mike and Deborah Turner to head up a missionary orientation/internship twice a year for the next two years at the Mexico base.  This training is a gateway to long term missionary service and effectiveness and our church, Freedom House, is excited to send us and see us succeed. 

Mike Turner has been involved involved in Missions/Ministry for decades and is the founder of Lifelink International, a missions organization focused on reaching hard to access peoples.  He holds a doctorate in missiology and has experience in pastoring churches and starting Bible Schools.

I am excited for our family to learn from Mike and Deborah’s experience and perspective.  Mike tells me that many who go through his training later decide that long term missions may not be for them, about 70% of them!  However, the 30% who still decide to go forward with full time missions are still serving the Lord faithfully some10-15 years since they went through this training!  Some of the areas that we will be training in are:

Cross Cultural Adaptation, Language Aquisition, Field Orientation, Team Ministry, Interpersonal Skills, Partner Relations, Practical Ministry, and Debriefing.  Although we touched on some of these issues while in Bible School, that was over 6 years ago for me and even longer for Jacqueline.  It will also be good to have the opporunity to transition our whole family in a setting like this instead of going from suburban America to Northeast Thailand!

As you can see, things are popping now!  Another great testimony to share with you:

My sister in law who moved here to Charlotte from New Jersey just got an offer to return there with her old job where she will be making $20k more a year than she is now.  Since she has been in Charlotte, she has connected with the Refuge church, been water baptized, and God has done alot of emotional healing in her heart.  She has been able to spend time with our family and make great new relationships here.

We were a little concerned about leaving her here alone, but God has a plan for her, and He has worked everything out with the timing of her move.  She leaves Monday!  She has tithed consistently for the first time in her life over the last year and a half and God has moved mightily for her!  Praise God!

So, pretty soon we will be the happiest homeless family in the world.  After our training in Mexico, we will be traveling to Louisiana, Florida, and New Jersey among other places to raise our monthly and one time launch support.

If you would like us to visit your church or home group and share our vision for Southeast Asia, please contact us as well at the email address above.  We will make our trip schedules based on the responses we get back from our friends and partners.

We love you all!  Thanks for taking the time to read this long testimony of God’s faithfulness and for rejoicing with us!


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