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Hi everyone!  I know it’s been awhile since I did a personal update, but alot has been going on.  I can barely keep up with it all!  So, I’ll give you the breakdown and also tell you a little about our recent visit by Pastor Brady Boyd of New Life Church in Colorado Springs.

Sunday we had Pastor Brady Boyd and Pastor Jeff Drott from New Life Church with us.  Pastor Brady has been our guest at Freedom House even before he took over at New Life.  He has impressed me as a man of integrity and true humility.  The message he brought this week for our the series we are in called “One Prayer” only strengthend my impressions of him.  His prayer for “One Prayer” was “Lord, Make Us Sheep.”

At first I was thinking, “Oh, another message on Psalm 23”, but Pastor Brady knocked this one out the park when he began hitting on the fact that if we are self-reliant, then we are not God’s sheep.  When we think we can do it without God, we are not being sheep.  God’s promises are only for his sheep, those who are humble and recognize their absolute need and dependence on Him.  Another thing that stuck out to me was when he talked about “bowing before God.”  He said, “something happens when we literally bend our knees and hunble ourselves before God.”  I agree wholeheartedly.  As ministers, we need to do this daily.

Coming from the experiences Pastor Brady has come from recently: Taking over leadership from Ted Haggard and leading his congregation through the recent church shootings; I am so relieved to see him as a man of true humility and brokeness before God.  I was also impressed about how he has resisted the constant media push to make statements on politics.  He said, ” I am a pastor.  I lead people to Jesus.  I don’t make comments on politics.”  For some reason, that statement just seemed refreshing to me.  When he talked about how New Life has grown despite the tragic recent events, he said, “People were willing to say ‘The Lord is my shepherd’ and put their trust in God.”

I spent some time talking with New Life’s children’s Pastor, Jeff Drott.  Although I wish I had more time to spend with Jeff, the conversastion I did have was refreshing.  I can tell that Jeff loves children and he loves ministering to people.  I hope we get to connect again with the crew at New Life as they forge a new path for their future.

Friday: Melissa, our 18 year old former neighbor who now lives with us, graduated high school!  We were able to meet some of her visiting family this week.  I am so thankful that God has blessed us with the ability to sow into Melissa’s life.  Out of every person in her graduating class, she won an award from the local “Communities in Schools” program for being the person who has overcome the most obstacles to graduate.  And she has maintained a high GPA through it all.  Now she is preparing to enter college, and once we leave for Thailand, she will enter life on her own.  She now has a car and a job for the summer, but most of all she has God’s help.  We are proud of her, can’t you tell?

Saturday, Jacqueline and I spent time with many of the core leaders of Freedom House and Pastor Troy spoke about the “Tensions of Leadership.” It was an excellent teaching and very practical.  Chip Judd was in town and spoke to our group as well.  He spoke about lasting for the long haul in your marriage and relationship with God.  Good stuff.

Saturday night, after helping set up for Kid’s church, I helped lead Sat. night prayer.  These times have been powerful over the last two weeks.  The worship team didn’t just play songs, but they led us into deeper worship and prayer.  We all prayed for the church, for the leaders, for the Fathers, for restoration, for healing, and many other things.  At the end of the night, the presence of God showed up in a powerful way!  To me, it was confirmation of the things we were praying about.  I had a personal revival and am still feeling the effects today!  I went home that night in the glory of God and continued to pray.  The next day at service, I felt more free in God than I have in awhile.  I could see the effects of our time carrying over into our time on Sunday.  Good stuff!  The balance is that we don’t seek these experiences, but we seek God!… Good feelings or not.  As Job said, “Though He slay me, yet will I serve Him.”

This week I have a strong potential buyer on my house.  If this deal works out, it will be a miracle sale.  I will let things play out this week and then update you once things are settled.

We also have some exciting news coming up that I will share more about in the future.  Stay tuned!

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