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I will take a few posts to recognize men of God who have impacted my life.

I will start off with a mentor and friend, Dr. Michael Brown.  I have never met a man like Dr. Michael Brown.  He has had a profound influence on my life and ministry.  I first met Dr. Brown in the summer of 1996 when he was teaching day sessions on revival history and characteristics.  I was a 20 year old military man just starting my Christian walk.  His teachings riveted me and when he talked about starting a new school of ministry in 1997, I was all in.

Unfortunately, I still had 2 and a half years left in the military before my enlistment was up.  I was sent to Japan where I lived for the remainder of my military time.  I traveled throughout SE Asia and the Persian Gulf and then returned to Florida where I joined Dr. Brown’s School of Ministry in 2000.

During my time at school, we traveled to the historic gathering, THE CALL DC.  This was where Dr. Brown preached about kick starting a Jesus Revolution.  We gave away 10’s of thousands of his book, “Revolution!” to those in attendance.  This event kicked off the rest of the Call Events that have impacted mulipled hundreds of thousands all over the world.  This August, the Call DC will be happening again!

Little did I know that that after my second semester, Dr. Brown would be fired from the school because he refused to go against his principles and become ordained under a certain denomination in order to maintain his position as President of the School.  I, along with many other returning students, joined Dr. Brown in rented halls until we found a place to launch a new school.  Amazingly, the school picked right up and has continued on to this day, although in a much smaller scale than it had been.  We met in to established church campuses, New Hope and New Dimensions!  While I was in school, my wife and I were a part of Dr. Brown’s traveling track mentoring group.  We had a great time as we all sat on the floor of his tiny office and discussed ministry philosophy and practices.  More than anything, Dr. Brown imparted his heart for serving Jesus with zeal and a greater standard of integrity in ministry.

After Dr. Brown reconciled with the leadership of the former school, he decided to move the new school to North Carolina.  At this time, I along with a core group of former students and teachers, packed up the little we owned and made the move with him.  We all lived in close proximity to one another and helped each other get settled.  We watched as Dr. Brown maintained a high level of faith in keeping everyone moving in the right direction.  Many people on staff went without pay for many months at times and Dr. Brown continued to inspire everyone to move forward.  FIRE school is now stable and FIRE church has been growing stronger every year.  FIRE International has missionaries serving all over the world, many of them being pioneer ministries.  BTW: FIRE stands for Fellowship for International Revival and Evangelism.

In addition to my personal experiences with Dr. Brown he is an accomplished author, speaker, apologist, and scholar who is known throughout many corners of Christendom.  He has written books on Revival, Reformation in the Church, and Jesus Revolution.  He has also written the most definitive collection of Jewish Apologetics called “Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus.”  His testimony, from LSD to PHD is one of the most powerful examples of the change and hope that Jesus Christ offers. 

His latest book that is soon to be released, “A Queer Thing Happened to America”, boldly confronts the homosexual activist agenda and sounds a wake up call to a sleeping church.  I recently watched Dr. Brown trod where most ministers would never dare as he debated the religious head of the Human Rights Campaign, Harry Knox, on the question of “Can You be Gay and Christian.”  He handled the subject with grace, tact, compassion, and zeal for the truth. 

He now has his own television program on INSP called “Think it Thru” and well as a radio broadcast called “The Line of Fire.”  Dr. Brown never stops.  He keeps pressing forward in doing what God has gifted him to do.  He uses every bit of his energy for the Gospel and moves in many different circles.  Yet, with all of this going on, he still takes time to answer my questions when I email him through Facebook.

He has definately had the biggest impact on my walk with Jesus than any other person I know. 

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