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Alexander Carson, or “Sandy” as he is known by his friends is one of these men that should have received alot more recognition and platform, in my opinion, than he ever did.  I met Sandy in 1996 just as I was getting serious about my faith.  At 80 years old, he is still a dear friend to this day.  I don’t remember every detail of his story, but here is what I know from memory.

Sandy grew up in the Northeast and became a Catholic priest after graduting from Tufts University in Boston.  He loved the priesthood and helping people.  He received a call to serve in Louisiana and became known as the minister on the motorcycle because of his chosen mode of transportation.  This was a strange site for many to see, a priest on a motorcycle.  I think Sandy told me once that he wore an orange helmet too!

There are many colorful things that I could go into about Sandy’s story, but I will just give you the basics.

While a priest, he received the baptism in the Holy Spirit at a meeting outside of his church.  Something changed in Sandy.  He began to base his homilies on the exposition of scripture.  He challenged his people and reached across to other groups of Christians meeting in his town.

As a Catholic priest all he really had to do was say the mass daily.  It didn’t really matter if anyone was there or not.  He was commissioned to offer the “sacrifice of Jesus” daily for his people through the mass.  Although Sandy had been through seminary, he never spent a lot of time meditating strictly on the Bible.  One day while reading Hebrews, he read how Jesus made one sacrifice for sins and sat down at the right hand of the Father (see Heb 10:12).  This scripture rocked his world.  Why was he needed as a priest to continually offer the sacrifice of Jesus when Jesus had made one sacrifice and SAT DOWN?  The sacrifice has been made, one and for all.  There was no need for a continual offering therefore there was no need for the mass.

Sandy decided that he could no longer continue in the priesthood.  He went to his bishop and told him of his decision.  The Bishop tried to get him to reconsider, but the decision was made.  What was the price for truth?  He immediately lost a large family inheritance and was out on his own, ostracized without much of anything to his name.

Somehow he ended up at Liberty Church and Bible School in Pensacola FL where he attended and eventually became an instructor.  He later met a widower name Elsie who he married and is still with to this day.  He has traveled the world preaching the Gospel and teaching believers.  He has some blessed children and grand children.

Sandy impacted me personally when I was struggling as a young man to come out of the Catholicism I was brought up in.  When God was really working in my life, I tried to return to the Catholic church and ask questions about the faith, but the priest was not interested in giving me any.  I was told to just continue coming to mass and serve in some area.  I did that and even drove the elderly to church, but the itch wasn’t being scratched.  As I read the Bible, I knew that there was a divide between what I was reading and what the Catholic church was emphasizing.

Long story short, through the influence of my step-grandfather at the time, I fully committed my life to Christ and later attended the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola (scared to death of anything not Catholic) where I had a powerful encounter with God that changed my life

When I met Sandy, he spent time answering my questions and just loving on me as a father in the faith.  His love, acceptance, prayer, and continual encouragement in calling out my potential in God have made me who I am today.  While I was in Bible school and Sandy was in Nicaragua, I lived in his home for a time with four other young guys, one of which was just coming out of witchcraft and demon possession!  What faith this man Sandy Carson has!

Before I was married to Jacqueline, I spoke with Sandy about my fear for the future and my failed relationship with my Father.  Sandy prayed for me and I seriously think I was delivered of some major hurt and pain from my past.  Sandy has always been the kind of person who would stop a conversation and pray on the spot to the Father for you.  He is tenderhearted and and compassionate with a great laugh and a zeal for Jesus.  His wife, Elsie, has been such a blessing to me and Jacqueline as well.

Sandy wrote a small booklet called “What Price? The Truth”, but I hope that his story can one day be rewritten and expanded.  His testimony has always given me a zeal for the truth no matter what the cost.

Without Sandy Carson’s influence in my life, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

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