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These are thoughts from 2008 that I had while watching the Lakeland Revival on tv one night…


I have received alot of traffic on this subject recently so I know manyof you are out there are weighing everything you have heard about Paul Cain and his appearance at the Lakeland Revival a couple of nights ago.  Here is what I heard and saw the other day and a few of my thoughts on it.

Paul Cain talked about revival breaking out between North and South Florida.  Arenas would be filled all over the world.  “Faceless” people would be praying for the sick and seeing them recover.  News media would be covering the event from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN etc…announcing there is no news to report but good news.  “we have a report coming in of another resurrection from the dead.” Hospital morgues would be emptied out all over the world.  People would be bringing in the dead on cots (To which Todd replied “Bring ’em.”)  This move of God would be the the spirit of Elijah and usher in the endtime and the coming of Jesus.  Paul said that he had seen “the new breed” here tonight.

Todd Bentley talked about America being dry.  We have seen revival overseas, but what about here in America was a question asked.  Todd related how he was tired of hearing the prophecies and that it was time to “do it.”  He shared how he was burned out on conferences and just talking about what is going to happen.

My thoughts:

Paul Cain seemed confused many times during the meeting.  He even forgot Todd’s last name a couple of times.  His word to the intern about “having the romance of a lifetime” seemed out of place and strange.  One commenter to my blog said that it reminded her of “Sampson” in the Bible.  I’m sure that Todd received some questioning from people within his circle of influence about the wisdom of bringing Paul on the stage because Todd seemed defensive about the decision last night.

If this thing is supposed to be about a “nameless, faceless” generation then why is it necessary to constantly name names like, “Branham, Cain, Jones, Coe, Allen, Hinn, Kuhlman etc).  By doing this, criticism of these ministers and their messages is invited and then the deductions are applied to what is going on today.  Shouldn’t this movement be able to stand on its on because its God’s doing and not associated with any man or past movement?

Why not the proof that people are being saved, healed, and delivered and the fact that this is BIBLE be the message.  These things seem to be stumblingblocks for many who would otherwise receive their healing and go on read the Bible and do what it says.

It seems that alot of the stories of these ministers lives are stories about what NOT to do when God gives you power to work healing and miracles, right?

Paul Cain admitted that although he thought what was going on at the meetings was great that he only saw it as a “token” of what he saw in his vision.  I have been a part of a movement myself that has been frustrated with some of the lack of power we see overall in the Church.   Dr. Michael Brown, has written exstensively on this in books like, “What Ever Happened to the Power of God: Is the Charismatic Church Slain in the Spirit or Down for the Count?”  We want more than conferences and talk.  The world is hurting and in need and we have Jesus, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the promises of God.

This being said, I wonder if in the effort to see the “greater glory”, Todd is trying to put what is happening in Lakeland (square peg) in to the prophecy that Cain and others like him have given (round whole)?  Right now, it doesn’t seem to fit and Todd seems to want to make it fit really badly.  In a way, I don’t blame him.  Wouldn’t be awesome to see a vision like that become a reality?  For me, it seems harder to wholeheartedly embrace it as being true considering where Paul Cain may have been in his heart when he made it.

These are just my thoughts.  Time will tell, so I watch and rejoice with those who say that they are receiving from God, those whose lives have been impacted by Jesus to the point that they love him more and more every day.

Though many say that “God offends the mind to reveal the heart”, I don’t think he requires us to check our brains at the door.  So, I also watch and listen for things that hit me as being “off”.  In every revival of the past, there has been a mixture of both the things of God and the things of man.

We need more of God, his Word, His Spirit and less of man.

What do think?

Finally, I think it was good for Todd to speak last night about where he came from in his past and where God has taken him from.  It’s wrong for his critics to bring up things from his past before he asked Jesus into his life.  Take a look at the character list of I Cor 6:9-10!  I a could have filled many of those titles myself before coming to Jesus!

I also like how Todd talked about how God uses “ignorant, untrained” men who have “been with Jesus.”  He seemed to be saying that the heart of his ministry is “if God can use me, he can use anyone.”  That’s good stuff.  That’s a banner that the “nameless, faceless” can march under.   But it shouldn’t imply that we should continue to give people ammunition to perceive us as “ignorant and untrained” once we come to Jesus.

Whether or not a person like Bentley will be the type to lead any type of Godly movement, is something that others will have to decide for themselves.

But no matter what your opinion on these things, let’s keep hope alive, believe in the present day movement of the Holy Spirit, but also keep our sensitivity when things are off or wrong and willing to call them out.

Let’s keep our eyes firmly fixed on the giver or all good gifts and the ONLY ONE who is worthy of praise and perfect, the Lord Jesus Christ, not any man.


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