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This is a rewind post from 2008…


News just came out that Myanmar (Burma)’s government has been confiscating international aid shipments once they enter the country and relabeling the boxes with the names of their top generals in an effort to solidify their grip of power in the country.

Meanwhile aid workers are still waiting on visas to enter the country in order to access the damage and provide further help.  Many are waiting on the borders of neighboring Thailand, including one my friends who has been waiting for over a week.  Two US ships are sitting off the coast waiting to help with helicopter lifts to the needy delta region, but they still have not been granted permission to help.

This is unprecedented and simply crazy!  Tens of thousands of people are dead, tens of thousands are “missing” and over a million people are homeless.  And the government (if you can call it that) is playing games with the lives of it’s people.  They don’t have the means or experience to help their own people, and yet they are too prideful to allow outside help to come in.  Ah, the beauty of military dictatorship!

Pray for the Burmese people.  Pray that Almighty God will bring justice and relief from their Godless government.  Pray that relief workers would get the visas they need and that relief would get to the neediest places soon.

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