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A cyclone recently blew through the country of Myanmar (Burma) killing over 20,000 people.  Several hundred thousands are in desperate need of shelter and clean drinking water.  This has been called the worst disaster to hit the area since the tsunami hit the coast awhile back.

As many of you may know, Myanmar has been ruled by a military junta that has closed the country off from the outside world in order to maintian its grip of power.  Economic mismanagement has driven the country deeper into poverty and many people are still dying under the hands of this ungodly regime.  The now have the lowest per capita income of any SE Asian country.  This disaster will only drive the people deeper into poverty, but it also may break the power of the regime if it moves to slow in meeting the needs of its people and the people rise up against it.

You may also recall how the government cracked down on pro-democracy rallies by murdering hundreds of protesters and suppressing thousans dissenting voices.  Because of numerous human rights violations over the years, scores of refugees pour through the border into neighboring Thailand seeking relief from oppression.  Many of these refugees have been very responsive to the Gospel.  I know of some associates who have been working with the Burmese and have seen many of them come to know the life giving, liberating power of Jesus Christ.

Will you pray for the suffering people of Myanmar (Burma)?  They need Christians everywhere lifting up their voices to God on their behalf.  Pray that this crisis will force the doors open to the outside world through the help of aid and relief agencies who come to help.  Pray that God would break that demonic spirit holding these precious people in bondage and bring the whole nation into the glorious freedom of the children of God.  Pray that this nation would turn from vain idolatry to serve the living God. And last but not least, pray that the right people would take the helm of leadership in this country and bring it into the modern world with freedom and democracy for all of its citizens. 

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