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Do you believe in divine appointments?  You know those “God kind of” relational set ups where this circumstance leads to another to another to a “God moment” where you see His hand involved? 

I love them and have had many since becoming a follower of Jesus.  To me, they are always signs of God’s providence in our lives and care for us as his children.  When you are planning to move half way around the world, they certainly help to strengthen your faith and help you to press on.  Since Jacq and I have set our sights on heading to Thailand, the Lord has done some really cool things to encourage us. 

Just today, I had lunch with a Thai lady here in Charlotte who is a believer.  The way we met was the coolest part of the story.  I work in lending right now and contacted a Realtor named Joyce many months ago about potentially working together on some deals.  I knew that Joyce was a believer, but I later found out that she also has a heart for missions.  She has been to many different countries with her church. 

Since our initial connection, we’ve met a few other times and talked about missions work and our experiences overseas.  During one of these times, I talked with her about the possibilities of international real estate.  Before Joyce or I knew that I was planning on visiting Thailand, she decided to get certified as an International Real Estate Agent.  She reasearched the course and found out that the next one would be in Bangkok, Thailand.  She booked her trip and has recently returned with her certification! 

After this happened, Joyce found out that our family would be heading to Thailand for the exploratory missions trip.  Joyce told me about her friend Sana who was from Thailand and said that we must all meet soon.

Because of Joyce, Sana and I were able to meet her for lunch at a local Thai restaurant where we all talked about what God is doing in Thailand.  We had a great talk which lasted for over 3 hours!  We had some real “God moments” as we shared our experiences in coming to know Jesus and how God is working to bring the Asian people to Himself. 

Sana would like to one day return to Thailand to live and minister to her people.  As of now, she is working in lending and is a part of a local Lao/Thai church here in Charlotte.  She has invited us to visit with her and her husband this week! 

God is up to something!  I look forward to meeting these local Laotian and Thai brothers and sisters and seeing what God will do through our visit! 


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