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Today at Freedom House, my Pastor Troy Maxwell preached a great word on Responsibility and Authority in his message “My Space”.  He brought forth a great principle that “responsibility always precedes authority.”  The reason that many of us don’t walk in power and authority is because we have not taken care of the little responsibility that God has given us.  I want to share with you an area of responsibility that is key to us attaining all that God has for us as his sons and daughters.

I woke up this morning to a dream that disturbed me.  In the dream a man was leading people into a place where he was playing games with them and ultimately taking their lives.  In the dream, the man was not trying to hurt me per se, although he was after me, but he was trying very hard to get me to come into alignment with his thinking.  He was trying to desensitive me to what he was doing so that I wouldn’t oppose it.  His appeals, though perverted, were trying hard to work their way into my way of thinking. As the Bible says, he was “calling sweet bitter and bitter sweet.” (see here)

Strange and disturbing, right?  Here is the application I woke up with this morning.  God has given us responsibility to guard over what comes into our eyes and ears.  They are the gateways to our hearts and we are called to guard our hearts above all things because out of them flow the issues of life. (see here)  We have a responsibility to guard our homes too, and yet we allow disturbing movies and media into them.  As we are entertained by these things (horror movies, certain violent video games, explicit music etc), we are coming into alignment with them in our life.  God is not neutral on these things. (see here)

At the least we are weakened in our influence and authority as believers because we have not been faithful with the responsibilty to guard our hearts and homes.  At the worse, we are brought into bondage and are no longer able to fully submit to God and resist these “vile” things (see here).

The Scriptures tell us that the fear of the Lord is to “hate evil.” (see here)  And that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. (see here)  So, the application is that unless we learn to hate evil enough to make sure it stays out of our lives and thinking, we can’t even begin to walk in Godly wisdom.  We are bound to a wisdom that is “earthly, sensual, and yes, even demonic.” (see here)

Practically, what does this look like?  I’m glad you asked.  It means we don’t bring certain things into our homes.  Horror movies like “Saw”, “Hostel” etc have no place in the home of a Christian.  These were some of the specific things that came to my mind when I was meditating on the dream.  I have never seen these movies, but I know many who have.  The word came to me for the church,  Your “curiosity is bringing you into bondage.” 

It’s time to clean house.  It’s time for some Spring Cleaning.  God is challening his own people and saying, “Go through your home and get rid of the “vile” thing, get rid of the things that grieve the Spirit of God, clean house so that WISDOM can dwell there and you can begin to grow in Spiritual Power, Authority, and Intimacy with God.  These things are weakening your family and holding you back from God’s perfect plans.” 

Like Pastor Troy shared today, we will not walk in a greater authority until we have been faithful with the responsibility God has given us.  For us Fathers and Mothers, this specifically means protecting our homes and children, and even our own hearts!

I challenge you.  Take a walk through your home today and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you about the areas where you need to clean up.  What offends Him, what is He putting His finger on?  Then once you know, take out the garbage!  A new day is waiting for you, a day of freedom and joy in the presence of God.

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