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Hi everyone!  Well we have had a busy few days recently, so I have not been able to keep up with blogging.  Time seems to move differently here.  We spent the last two days in Khon Kaen visiting with an awesome missionary couple, Bill and Julie Hughes.  They have been in Thailand for 17 years now and have raised 4 great children.  They are true servants of God and I loved being able to speak with Bill.  He and I had so much to talk about and even though I never really knew him until now, I felt like we were old friends.  We have alot of mutual friends through Liberty Church.  Julie really blessed the women by just being who she is…personable, stable, and a woman of God.  We had alot of resistance in getting up to see them, but I knew the Lord wanted us to go.  Everyone on the team was glad we pushed through and made it up there.  We were going to take a bus there until the driver tried to kidnap us…or so we thought!  

Ben asked the ticket lady if the bus was full or empty.  In short, she lied and said it was totally free so that we could all be together with our kids.  A man came and started grabbing our bags and getting them on the bus without our permission.  Half of us were on the bus scattered already and the other half did not have a seat.  We would have to stand for the three hour ride.  Ben began to speak with the lady about what she had done and the bus driver started to pull away.  Ben and I jumped on the bus to talk with the girls and they closed the doors to pull away.  The kids were crying and everyone panicked…just a little.  Ben calmly but firmly stood next to the bus driver and reasoned with him in Thai as to why he should just let us off the bus.  The driver finally let us all off and they refunded our money.  We came to find out that the reason they were so adamant about getting out of the station on time without incident was because they could have lost their jobs…or so they said.  The whole thing was a great lesson for everyone.  Once everyone calmed down, we all laughed and decided it would be best just to take Ben’s van the whole way to Khon Kaen.  In the end, it worked out for the best.  Ben is here to pick us up…I will have to update you all more later!  Keep us in prayer as we travel.

PS Another lady was saved last night at Tepah’s meeting.  One of the Thai ladies lead her to the Lord and they are going to baptize her in a few days!  Major breakthrough!  More to come later….  

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