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Rewing post from 2008:

The infamous William Hung.  Memba him?

Do you know how many countries the “Idol” franchise (ie, American Idol) is in?…  I didn’t either until I got curious and looked it up.  Idol, the singing competition, that was first introduced in the UK in 2001 has gone global.  It is now in at least 38 countries!  That’s not counting the same number or more of spinoff shows in other countries such as China and Lithuania.

I must admit, I have been a casual watcher of the American show.  The bad audition clips never cease to amaze me.  Are people really that deceived and deluded?  Seeing the large diversity of weirdness and narcissim makes me seriously question how God loves us all!  Or are the wacky contestants just a slice of who we all are as human beings?..Anyway, back to my reason for this post…35+ countries!

Here are the links:

What is it about “Idol” that has such global appeal?  How is it that “Idol” is connecting with a large part of the world? 

No matter your stance on it, you have to admit that it’s crazy how global it has become.

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