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Hello everyone!  We are all here in Korat now, safe and sound.  To today is a first morning in Nakon Ratchasima.  We spent last night, what was left of it, in Bangkok.  The boys did great and we are all pretty well rested.  Thank you for praying us through!  Now we are actually here!!Our morning started on Wednesday at about 5 am.  We headed off to meet our friend Sky who drove us to the airport instead of getting buff at the gym for his morning workout.  Thanks for the sacrifice Sky!  Once we arrived at the gate, we remembered that we forgot the car seat in the van!  Thankfully, Sky was able to turn around and get it to us in time. We made it through the gauntlet of airport security and had a quick breakfast of powdered eggs and cold toast before we took off for the short jump to Detroit. In Detroit, I walked Brayden around the terminal to burn down some of his energy.  I knew I had done the trick when he said, “Daddy, now I have cramps on both sides of my belly”!  Was that mean?  Well, it worked!  The boys did great on the 13 hour flight to Tokyo.  I was the restless one.  Started thinking I may be coming down with “RLS” (Restless Leg Syndrome) Ha Ha! Once in Tokyo, Brayden and I passed out some of our Japanese Gospel tracts to the young people in the terminal.  Brayden was so uninhibited!  It was great to watch him approach people with no fear….truly a missionary in the making.   Once onboard our 6 hour flight to Bangkok, I crashed hard and made up for my lack of sleep on the last flight. Jacqueline got some decent sleep on both flights too.  Brayden watched about 2.5 movies, ate, and still got some sleep! We landed in Bangkok after 1am on the 21st…. 30 plus hours after we set off from Charlotte.  The muggy air hit me like a warm blanket once we stepped off the plane.  Your mind starts thinking, “Cool, we’re here”! Well, not exactly.  We took a bus to the passport and customs entrance and I looked like a pack mule carrying all of our bags as Jacqueline tended to the boys.   After trying to figure out where our bags were for about 30 more minutes, we finally got them together and headed out to change some money.  The airport was alive and kicking at 2am!  People everywhere were trying to get our attention for taxis and hotels.  We made it to the taxi line and no one wanted to take us on the metered taxi to our hotel because of the number and size of our bags!  We haggled around for awhile and finally settled on a price.  45 minutes later we arrived at the Amari hotel and checked in. The front desk must have felt sorry for us because they upgraded our room to a Suite.  Sweet! We quickly bathed the boys and went down to get a few hours sleep before Ben arrived.  After Aslan cried for about 20-30 minutes, he crashed along with the rest of us.  It was 3am.  We all woke us at about 6:45 feeling amazingly good.  Jacqueline and I forgave each other for any cross words we may have spoken in the whole process, laughed, and headed down to have some breakfast. Ben and Susan arrived around 10 am.  We set off for our 3 plus hour drive to Khorat.  Ben and I talked the whole time and caught up while the girls did the same.  We stopped at a roadside fruit stand to get some weird looking fruits and decided to eat lunch there too.  Our table had a few flying friends and our mascot, the local mut, slept at our feet as we dined on rice and crispy beef.  The lady who ran the “outdoor cafe”  took Aslan and showed him off to all of her family in the back of the shop.  We headed off and arrived safely at John and Sandy’s place after a brief rain storm.  The kids instantly started playing with each other and had a great time, especially when the Thai kids showed up with some bottle rockets to celebrate our arrival.  By the end of the day, Brayden was worn out from so much fun.  He had climbed walls, played with the dog, shot water guns, played with frogs, and got wet with the hose.  Once I showered and laid on my bed, I couldn’t get back up!  I was done!  So was Jacqueline.  Today after a good cup of Nescafe, we are looking forward to really starting our adventure!  We have just begun!  Hope to have some pictures up soon. Stay tuned! 

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