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Well folks, we only have a few more days until we set out for Thailand so I need to get this “Traits” series wrapped up!  Just a few more to go…This one is on humility.  I think it’s going to be AWESOME because I thought it up ALL BY MYSELF….!  Just kidding!…

In the “pop your collar” society we live in, humility is a trait that’s becoming less common and even less respected.  Yet it’s probably the highest mark attainable in the kingdom of God. 

So, what does humility look like as a trait in missionary life?  Here are just a few ways that come to my mind:

1.  We realize that everything we have, we ultimately received.  God gave it to us, so we don’t brag as if we came up with the idea or made it all happen ourselves.  (See Here)

2.  We realize that without Him we can do nothing.  If we do anything of eternal value, it will originate and culminate in Him.  For from Him, and to Him, and through Him are ALL things (see Here). 

3.  We make God the center of our plans for the future.  We don’t live our lives thinking that we can do anything we please and ask God to bless it. (See Here). 

4.  We seek to get God’s attention first not man’s. (see here)  Humility is a willingness to go against the flow in order to receive a “well done” from God. 

5.  We can rejoice in the successes of another without envy. (see here)  We can praise God when others are preferred and blessed before us. (Here)  We can stand to hear others praised when we ourselves feel forgotten. 

We can do all these thing when we are secure that we are accepted by God as sons and daughters.  We come to understand that his plans are better than ours, his ways are higher, his praise is the only thing worth going after, and we have nothing in and of ourselves to deserve his gifts and blessings.

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