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Thailand has been an independent kingdom since the 13th century and has never been ruled by a western power. King Bhumidol – who has been the head of Thailand since 1946 – is one of the world’s longest serving rulers.  He is revered highly by all members of Thai society.  The Thai understand what it means to live in a kingdom!

The powerful army has dominated Thai life for 60 years. The greed and corruption of army leaders have spread to corruption to all levels of society and have protected drug dealers and people organizing crime and prostitution.  Most recently, the “Merchant of Death” was picked up in Bangkok.  See post below.

The US military does joint operations with the Thai military and other SE Asian countries every year.  This was how I was first introduced to the country.  The city of Khorat also has an Airforce base where some of the US military comes to do joint training every year.

Many girls are kidnapped or sold into prostitution. It is estimated that 20% of all Thai girls aged between 11 and 17 work as prostitutes.  When our ships landed at port, there were hoards of prostitutes waiting for us.  Most of Thailand’s tourism is made up of ‘sex tourists” from all over the world.

Bangkok is one of Asia’s most influential cities – known as the city of angels and the city of sin. Over 2 million people work in the sex industry. Crime, drugs and alcohol are widespread and it is estimated that as many as 80% of prostitutes will contract the HIV virus.

Thailand means ‘Land of the Free’ – because it resisted colonization from western countries that dominated the rest of south Asia. People worship the golden image of the spirit who they believe has protected them and kept them free. Stay tuned to find out why I believe the city of Khorat is important and what I feel God has revealed to me about it.  

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