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Ben, John, and I hit the streets today for some evangelism.  Before we headed out, my family and I arrived at Ben’s house for some coffee and fellowship.  As the pot was brewing Ben and I broke out in spontaneous prayer for the day.  We prayed for God to move in this city.  We prayed for divine appointments.  We prayed for miracles.  As we drove around the city, Ben found a place to park and we headed out with Thai Gospel tracts in hand.  As we went down the streets we handed them out to each person we passed.  Ben would stop and quickly explain the Gospel.As we moved on, we would stay longer with anyone who invited us to speak further.  e engaged an older man in his home.  We found a young woman and her grandparents resting in a little grass hut on the street.  They were attentive to the message.  I spoke on the Kingdom of God as Ben translated.  I asked them what might happen if the King of Thailand (who they literally worship) came down their street and offered them a gift.  They got excited at the idea.  Then I told them, “What if you threw that gift away right in front of his face?”  They were blown back.  “That would never happen”!  I explained that the Kingdom of God was at hand and that the King of the World was giving them the gift of His Son.  Ben asked them if they believed.  The young girl spoke up and said she did and that if Ben would come back and teach them that she thought she could believe all the way!  Our next encounter was with a group of semi-drunk men sitting on the side walk eating lunch.  They offered us to sit with them.  As we did, Ben engaged a man who told him that his children has recently started attending a church and he didn’t mind it, yet he was a Buddhist.  Ben pressed the man with the claims of the Gospel while the other man tried their best to communicate with me.  “Ameriga good, good” is what they said.  They constantly shook my hand and offered me water to drink.  We gave them all tracts and left by saying “May Jesus save you all from hell.”  They showed reverence by “wai” ing us and told us to please come back.  One of the men gave us a ride on his tuk tuk to the store to get something to drink.  After we finished our drinks we decided to head a certain way down the street to a complex that John was interested in.  On our way there we preached the Gospel to a young lady who was working in a laundry mat with her baby in tow.  She received the word Ben spoke and gave us the web address of some self help site that she had been visiting. We told her that we would check it out and come back to visit her.  The climax of the whole day came next.  This event was huge in the life of this work and ministry.As we crossed the gate into the complex we began looking for the guard and calling for him.  A man appeared from a shack and looked as if he had just finished lunch.  We asked him about the complex and he told us it was a school and sports complex and that we could enter if we wanted.  John began to ask the man if he had heard the story of Jesus.  To our surprise the man told us that he had received a correspondence course in the mail about Jesus and had already done through lesson three!  Ben probed deeper to make sure he had not been influenced by the “guys on the bikes” and he replied that he hadn’t.  Ben asked the man if he had ever met God in prayer and the man told us that he hadn’t.  Ben preached the Gospel to him and told him that he had to worship no other God but the one true God if he were to believe.  The guard said that he understood and that he believed.  Ben led the man in a prayer of salvation, in Thai of course, and asked him if he wanted to be baptized.  To the Thai, being baptized is huge!  The man said that he wanted to be baptized!  Ben told him that we would come to meet him tomorrow and he would be baptized right there on the campus where he works!  The man was excited and said that he would come with his swimming trunks!  We took some more time and rejoiced with him.  He was truly happy!  We each gave him words of encouragement as the Lord led us and we told him that we would see him tomorrow.  The man told us, “I knew something was going to happen to me today when I saw a large black snake cross my path this morning.  I wondered why it was around here.”  As we walked back to our van, Ben and John stopped and hugged each other right there on the street.  Both of these men have led large groups of people to the Lord in both Africa and South America, but this one Thai man was so much more prominent to them.  They said to me, “John, you don’t understand.  This is the first Thai man that we have led to Jesus and the Lord did it all”!  “We have labored and labored and been under great attacks recently, but this is a major breakthrough!”  Yesterday I had told John that we needed to find the Cornelius and Ethiopian Eunuchs of the city so to speak.  In the books of Acts, these were men who were already prepared by God to receive the Gospel and the Spirit of the Lord had sent Peter and Philip to them to explain the way of salvation.  Each man was divinely directed by God to each of these seeking men.  This is exactly what happened today!  It was so strange to see how we just seemed to be wandering around, but we were actually being directed by God to the right person at the right time!So, praise the Lord with me everyone!  Thank you for praying for us!  God gave us a great victory as all three of us men hit the streets together.  It was a great encouragement to everyone!  

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