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The Nine Emperor Gods Festival [wiki] is a festival celebrating the return of the Nine Emperor spirits from heaven to earth.  In Thailand, this festival is called Tesagan Gin Je, the Vegetarian Festival.

Over the nine days from October 11 to Octoer 19, devotees celebrate the festival by holding a massive street processions by ‘Carrying Gods‘, they are believed to be ‘possessed by the spirits of gods’, so that they can perform these acts. 

To be able to participate in the events, one must fast Meat, Smoking, Alcohol and Sex for 10 days, to be cleansed from sin.

Hundreds of “believers” pierce their cheeks, nose, lips, using different kind of sharp objects such as swords, daggers, rods, and even a M-16 Machine Gun!

This is the 21st century people!  Jesus paid the price for the world be be forgiven of sin and made right with God.  It’s only through His sacrifice that we can be well pleasing to God and accepted by Him. 

This is the message that missionaries bring.  Is it still needed?  What do you think?

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